Questions & Answers

What is Deliveryman app?
Deliveryman is a logistics coordination platform that seamlessly connects cargo owners to transportation. Our mission is to deliver easily, accessible and affordable, and we do this by helping our clients optimize operations along the cargo journey.
Does it cost money to join the Deliveryman platform?
It is 100% free to join the Deliveryman platform with no obligation. In fact, Deliveryman offers detailed analytics through free tools like the Deliveryman Client Application.
Do I have to sign a contract to work with Deliveryman App?
A standard contract is issued to transporters and required to be considered “active” on the Deliveryman Platform. Contracts are issued by Onboarding Specialists.
Does Deliveryman operate a CFS or own a storage yard for cargo?
Deliveryman does not own or operated storage facilities for cargo. We do, however, partner with nearby transporters who operate storage yards offering full service.
Does Deliveryman work with Fast Moving Consumer Goods clients (FMCG)?
Yes we do. We understand the unique operational challenges presented by this type of move, and our team of in-house experts is available to guide you through.
What kinds of cargo does Deliveryman transport?
We specialize in bulk grains, fertilizers, local and transit containers, steel, bitumen and FMCG.