Storage and Warehousing

Storage and Warehousing

Deliveryman app offers the best storage services in Nairobi and East Africa. Storage of your goods or products can take space and time consuming..

Deliveryman app  gladly assist you with handling incoming and outgoing goods flows, product assembly, inventory management, product modification, screening and testing of products, labelling, barcoding, product recalls, repairs or serial number checks and repacking. Sometimes it is hard to keep track on the orders of your customer and the additional requirements. Let us take care of your storage, order picking, inventory management and dispatching of your goods! With strategically located warehouses throughout East Africa. This gives you the time and space to concentrate on your core business activities!


Happy Client
I stored my cargo that had just arrived at Deliveryman's storage unit in Kitengela.



Client Asian


30 May 2021


Storage, Warehousing